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With "Deliveries" for Android you can keep track of all your parcels at a glance. Wherever you are, just add the delivery via its tracking ID and.
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It gives real-time location update and access to important device data such as photos, messages, browser history, notes, etc. Google Maps is predominantly winning the crown of being the best GPS tracking apps for Android users of this generation.


Not only does it make navigation and location finding easier and faster, it helps you discover the best destinations and locality and gives unmistakably accurate information you need to reach the desired location. One of the most appreciated GPS tracking Android app in the list, Sygic is the most adored and advanced navigation app downloaded 50 million times so far.

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It is enriched with offline usability and TomTom maps. Its paid version unlocks many more impressive features to make your navigation an interesting experience. Sygic has got almost everything for you including information about suitable parking and price. Life is quite a popular family tracking app complete with a range of amazing features. Its real usability is that users can add circles and groups for their family and friends to detect their locations along with a log of their past locations.

This Android GPS tracker app also has an additional driving support. It has ability to sense crash, send emergency messages and size up your driving pattern.

International Package Tracking

Focused on Android users, this free app is packed with handy and unique features to amaze users. Its value doubles especially when you are travelling on the road and need a digital GPS tracking companion to help you choose accurate fastest route. It offers turn-by-turn navigation enabled with a voice guide and live maps that are consistently updated by Waze community map editors. You can add your facebook friends and sync your contacts to the app.

You can also check the nearest gas stations on your route when you need petrol refill. GPS Phone Tracker can be used to view the exact location of your family and friends. What make it quite praiseworthy are its easy connectivity features, accurate directions and guidance and seamless performance. Its device tracker gets you a real-time update to find a lost Android phone. This year was no such exception as well.

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  • Now, these tracking apps have lots of added features to provide an added security to the device. In this post, we will make you familiar with some of the best Android GPS tracker apps that you should definitely not miss. Spyzie is a complete device tracking app that will let you access essential information related to a device in one place. Extremely easy to use, it has a web-based user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed on almost any device.

    Global Package Tracking

    The app can be used to get a real-time location update and allows the access of important data like messages, photos, notes, and more on the device. You can also try its free demo as well before going for a premium package. Life is a complete family tracking app that comes with lots of added features. You can easily add circles for your family and friends to know their recent locations. With it, you can also get a log of their past locations as well.

    It is one of the best Android GPS tracker apps, which comes with an additional driving support.

    5 Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android in 2018

    It can detect a crash, send emergency communication, and analyze your driving pattern. What makes it one of the best Android GPS tracker apps are its easy connectivity features, accurate results, and seamless usage. One can use the app to get an exact location of their friends and family. It also has a device tracking feature to get a real-time update for a lost Android phone.

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    Glympse is an all-in-one GPS tracker for Android that will track your whereabouts without invading your privacy. It can be used to track a delivery, request the location of your friends, or to inform your family and colleagues about your location.

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    The app can also be used to track your device to protect it from theft. The app also works with wearables, smart watches, etc. The GPS tracker for Android is already used by millions of people worldwide to get a real-time and precise location of their device. It has an excellent anti-theft feature with passive location updates and geo-fencing property.