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Your iTunes library is a database that iTunes uses to organize your media. It's made up of all of the music and other content that you add to.
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First, fire up iTunes on our computer. Click Yes to proceed. When the ripping is finished, you can scour iTunes for the album based on whom we consider to be the album's artist, but you may not find it.

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You scroll down to the very bottom of your iTunes library only to find the album listed under compilations and the artist's name listed as "Various Artists. This typically happens if the album contains songs by a variety of different artists or has one main artist who played duets with other artists. Either way, you'd rather organize the album by its main artist. First, let's place the album into the right folder.

In iTunes, click on the album to reveal all the songs inside.

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Right-click on the first track and from the pop-up menu, click on "Show in Windows Explorer" in Windows and "Show in Finder" on the Mac. In Explorer or Finder, you'll see the album listed under Compilations if that's how iTunes treated it. Go to the folder marked Music under iTunes Media. Create a new folder with the name of the album artist if it doesn't already exist. If such a folder does already exist, you can leave it as is.

How to Organize Your iTunes Music Library

From Windows Explorer or Finder, go back to the folder for the album and right-click on it. If you take a little time to wrestle with the data behind your files in iTunes, you may rediscover the greatness of your underused or abandoned music collection. So, let's dust off iTunes and get in there and clean up your library.

Every track in iTunes has data behind it that helps iTunes catalog it, from the obvious track, artist, and album information to year, track number, and genre. The accuracy of a track's metadata depends on how you imported the track to iTunes. To tweak the metadata of a track or, better yet, an entire album, right-click on a track or album and select Get Info.

How to Manually Add and Organize Albums in iTunes

On the Info tab, you'll find various fields to edit. I'm a big fan of shuffling songs via genre jazz shuffle during dinner, reggae shuffle on Sunday morning, a blues shuffle nearly any time of day , so I keep a close watch on how an album is categorized in this regard. For example, some albums I perceive as reggae get categorized as World, so I will change them to Reggae for my reggae-genre-shuffling enjoyment.

Genres in iTunes are selected via a pull-down menu and many are similar to one another.

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  • All the better for my Alternative genre shuffle. I have found that iTunes is pretty good at grabbing album art; it found art for the majority of albums I have imported to iTunes over the years, the vast majority of which were from CDs.

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    For the albums that iTunes failed to find art for, you have two options. Right-click on a album that's lacking art and select Get Album Artwork. In my experience, iTunes is successful in finding artwork for more mainstream releases and occasionally surprises me by finding more obscure albums, so it's worth a quick check before preceding to method 2.

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    • And it doesn't take iTunes long to search for art -- only a couple of seconds, whether it finds it or not. If iTunes doesn't come up with anything, then you can add your own art.

      About your iTunes Media folder

      After making this change, when viewing Songs in the Music app, they should be listed in alphabetical order. Oct 10, 6: Oct 12, After hours of searching and moaning THIS was the answer! Jul 4, 5: This answer does not work for me. Could someone please give an updated solution.