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Featured on the Best Amazon Seller Sites list, AMZBase is free and The review management tool helps users to quickly and easily monitor.
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25 Best Network Monitoring & Management Tools/Software of

For more information on camelcamelcamel, click HERE. Keepa is a basic but useful toolbox run by Sascha Arthur from Berlin. A former tech student and tutor, Arthur created Keepa when he began his own journey as an Amazon seller in Hailed as a way to supercharge your Amazon product research, Unicorn Smasher is a colourful website full of useful downloads, information, statistics and support. Unicorn Smasher allows users to integrate with AMZ Tracker and offers a host of features including monthly estimates, fulfilment details, revenue estimates, export tools, data analysis and…….

Although basic, this is a great tool to keep on your favourites list for quick and easy searches.

Sonar-tool is a Chrome extension for Amazon keyword research. Using complex algorithms, the tool collates data on the products that Amazon shoppers are searching for and puts it together into a database. Hailed by reviewers as handy and effective, the extension also includes the option to optimise back end keywords and users are able to develop their own profit dashboard. Free to install, the Sonar-tool can be added to any device and comes with a free user guide for added ease.

The site also features a transparent pricing plan and a great blog section which is updated regularly and includes product comparisons and advice on every aspect of selling on Amazon. To find out more and to sign up for a free trial, click HERE. Although free to install, users should be aware that there is a charge for support so a forum may be the best bet for troubleshooting any issues. FBA Calculator For Amazon is an essential tool for sellers looking to quickly calculate profit margins on products while on the move.

Making a profit with Amazon selling takes research and careful calculation. Available for all marketplaces for free from the Chrome store, FBA Calculator For Amazon allows users to estimate profit on any product from given prices by examining cost price, estimated sales and a number of other variables — essentially doing the leg work for you!

Once installed, the App can be activated while on the product page on Amazon for a fast and accurate profit estimate. For more information and to download the app, click HERE. A keyword search tool with a difference, the Google Keyword Planner is a clever way of keeping on top of keyword trends for Amazon FBA sellers. Updated in January , this is a great tool for sellers looking for ideas on products to sell, the site also compares keyword trends and offers a number of resources including blog posts highlighting advice and tips as well as other users success stories.

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The site also offers live support, making it ideal even for absolute beginners. New users can access Google Keyword Planner for free via their Google account. Over the long term, this results in reduced usage. Traverse also offers real-time and historical reporting. You can create customized reports based on performance and faults. These reports can be as simple or complex as you need, from basic tables right through to complex graphs showing the data of multiple devices. In order to see the price of Kaseya Traverse you need to fill out a form and request a quote from the sales team.

However, there is a free trial available here. Zenoss Core is one of the lesser known network monitoring solutions on this list. However, what Zenoss lacks in notoriety it makes up for with its potent network monitoring potential. This is a versatile baseline through which to view a larger network. That being said, one of the main limitations of Zenoss Core is that the setup process is needlessly complex. You need to use the command line in order to install the product. Compared to other tools with installation wizards, Zenoss Core is behind the times in this respect.

However, one area that Zenoss Core absolutely excels is that of user alerts. You can receive alerts when specific events happen on your network but that is not all. This is ideal for large organizations where staff can be difficult to reach as it makes sure that performance issues are resolved in time. Overall Zenoss Core is easy to use but let down by the complex installation procedure. This is mitigated somewhat by extensive usage documentation, but it is still more complex than the competition. There are a number of pricing options available for Zenoss: The demo version of Zenoss Core can be accessed here.

For smaller businesses with less intensive requirements, Datadog is a program that has plenty to offer. Datadog can conduct real-time performance monitoring across your network and log data.

Visually, Datadog is quite good. You can drag and drop elements such as charts and graphs onto the dashboard in order to customize your view. You can also view metrics such as latency and utilization to scrutinize your network performance. One of our favorite features was collaborative comments. Multiple members of staff can comment on individual graphs to run troubleshooting and solve problems in real-time. This allows you to find a solution to performance issues without stepping foot off the platform.

Datadog has its own alerts system as well. You can set thresholds and uptime notifications so that you know when your service is performing at its best. You can also send these alerts to individual team members through Slack.

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There is a free version of Datadog available that allows you to monitor up to five hosts. There is also a free trial available. In terms of deployment, ConnectWise Automate is simple but not necessarily easy. Before you have the full product up and running you need to configure the ConnectWise Automate server. You can receive alerts via email or SMS when a particular network event occurs. Another useful feature is that of automatic system patches. You can manage system patches for external software through the central console. This eliminates the need to sift in and out of lots of individual devices and reduces your administrative workload.

You can download the free trial of ConnectWise Automate here. OP5 Monitor is an open source monitoring solution that can keep up with most other products on this list. You can manage your network environment through the perspective of customized dashboards with unique graphs, maps and notifications to elaborate on your network performance.

One area where OP5 Monitor is particularly strong is that of automation. There is an automated event handler which can be configured to heal automatically when hit with a network fault. When self healing, OP5 Monitor can restart or change the configuration of a device depending on what is needed. OP5 Monitor also has its own reporting function. Each report is fully customizable and can be accessed through the dashboard. Reports range from availability reports to SLA reports. This is useful from both a pragmatic and regulatory compliance standpoint.

Unfortunately, you need to contact OP5 directly in order to receive a price quote.

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However, the company notes that the price of your quote is dependent on the number of devices you need to monitor. If you are interested in taking OP5 Monitor for a test drive you can download a day free trial. Few network administrators will have heard of nVision, but this platform provides infrastructure monitoring in such a way that it is hard to ignore.

Network monitoring is something this tool does very well. You can monitor the utilization and status of your network elements right down to the humidity of your server environment. This provides the user with everything needed to start monitoring their network infrastructure effectively. You can even monitor your information through an android app. The most obvious limitation of Nvision is the user interface. Compared to most other products on this list nVision appears a little outdated.

This is disappointing given that the core product is strong. One aspect where nVision makes up for this is in the form of its extensive technical support features. You can create and assign service tickets to your team which can be accessed via search in the knowledge base.

As a network monitor, Nvision is very good. That being said this will still deploy very well within any enterprise environment. Unfortunately, you need to request a quote in order to receive a price tag for nVision. However, there is a free version that includes up to 10 nVision agents at no charge. You can download it here. Pulseway is a name that often slips under the radar in the world of network monitoring, but this platform offers almost complete transparency over your network.

With Pulseway you can monitor your network usage data in real-time. One of the most useful things about Pulseway is that it has antivirus and endpoint protection integrated.

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This is massive because it allows you can keep your network secure against external threats and conduct real-time monitoring as well. This a welcome feature as most network monitoring tools can point to oncoming attacks but are unable to address them head on. You can monitor multiple backup solutions from the central console.

The disaster recovery solution can restore critical systems locally in less than an hour.