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Keystroke Recorder Software for Mac. Step 2. Install the Software Install Elite Keylogger just like you would any other Mac OS X application and.
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In order to record keystrokes etc you first have to "Enable access to for assistive devices", in the "Universal Access" Preference pane. Note that you also need this turned on in order to use this AppleScrpt as well. It is possible to have the AppleScript turn the "Enable access to for assistive devices" setting on at the start and restore its setting to what it was before at the end.

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Note that what you are recording is exactly the keystrokes, not what they do. That is, the apple events sent to the application are "Pull down this menu, select this item" rather than open this file.

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The latter is generally the way AppleScript is 'meant' to work, but it requires familiariity with the particular AppleScript or Automater library of the particular application. Have a look at this web page: Sep 10, 7: This gives me a lot to look into. So, it looks like from the example that I will need to write out the script.

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I'm thinking that there used to be something that did this maybe back in OS 9, or earlier?? I did try out the Record button but it didn't seem to "do" anything when I went over to the application I was trying to exercise. Does it matter that that application is a Rosetta app?

Sep 12, 1: Not exactly what you are looking for, but yet another great way to make gui scripting way easier ;.

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Mac malware exists in all shapes and sizes and new digital parasites evolve every day. The makers of MacScan, a popular malware scanner for Mac OS X machines, maintain a list on their website of the different types of Mac malware that their program helps to protect against. The list , in addition to providing a compelling argument for why to check out MacScan, also acts as one of the more comprehensive lists of known Mac OS X malware on the Internet. Looking at the list, it becomes clear that keystroke loggers are a serious problem for Mac users.

Indeed, while the MacScan registry includes just shy of 50 different Trojan Horses, there are more than 70 keystroke loggers on the list—suggesting that keyloggers are more numerous than other types of malware on Mac computers. Think about how often you type—and what you type—and you will realize why keyloggers are so dangerous.

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Anything you write in Microsoft Word; anything you enter into an Excel spreadsheet; any emails you send; any password you enter—be it for banking, email, social media, or other accounts; any information you enter in an application, from your address to your social security number; any information required to complete an online transaction, including your credit card number and confirmation code: Some passwords cannot be recorded on OS X All chats are captured in Elite Keylogger's convenient Chats report.

Elite Keylogger deserved exceptional reputation for being the only true low-core keylogger.

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For years it has been trusted as the only truly invisible keylogger: Ever wondered where your teen gets those suspicious contacts in his phonebook from? Are your dearest ones visiting porn or dating websites? Protect your children from online harassment by staying informed where they go and what they do when online.

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Keep the online history of visited websites even if the browser log and cookies have been cleared. With Elite Keylogger for Mac you can even record all social networking and other websites visited by users of your Mac.

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A computer monitor known as a Mac keylogger is an invisible tool that records every keystroke to an encrypted and hidden log file. The recorded logs can be sent secretly via email, we recommend creating a separate mailbox for logs from Elite Keylogger. Keystroke recorders also monitor Internet activity by logging the addresses of all visited websites.