My Blackberry 9320 Wont Send Text Messages

There could be a number of reasons why you can't send text messages. To resolve the issue, try the following. Check the phone number. Your message may .
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Type the digit phone number.

Verify that you are in a coverage area where email transmission is supported

Check the list of eligible countries worldwide then type , followed by the country code and the mobile phone number. Type the e-mail address. Check signal strength The signal strength may be low.

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If you have low signal strength, move to a location with better coverage. Concrete and steel buildings may be hindering reception, especially in elevators and underground locations like basements, subways, and tunnels. Check your account You may not be able to send or receive text messages because it's a blocked feature on your account.

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  6. Register if you don't have one. Click the Applications tab.

    Click Manage Text Messages. Place a check mark next to the following: Text messaging services are unblocked on your account. Check Firewall settings Your firewall settings may be blocking text messaging on your BlackBerry. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.

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    Select the All tab. Ensure the Text Messages check box does not have a check mark.

    ARCHIVED: What should I do if my BlackBerry cannot send or receive email?

    If it does, click it. Your firewall no longer blocks text messages. Press the Menu key. Ensure the following number is entered in the Service Center field: Here is a closeup of the screen for a Bold on a 3G network:.

    I can't send and receive text messages

    Note the uppercase letters on both. If the "G" or "EDGE" is not uppercase, this indicates that the devices are in range of an area with limited coverage. Phone calls and texting will work, but data like web browsing and BES mail delivery will most likely not. As of January 1, , no new BES accounts are being created. Following is a table of network status indicators for those models:. The letters should be upper case; in some cases, lower-case versions of the same letters indicate more limited options, as indicated in the table below:.

    If the date and time are incorrect, fix them, and then test to see if you can send or receive email. If the date and time are correct, or if you have problems after fixing them, continue troubleshooting. Once it has restarted, test to see whether you can now send and receive email.

    I can't send text messages | BlackBerry Curve

    If you cannot, continue troubleshooting. If you are unable to register the handheld or connect to the network, or do not have the correct options displayed in the "Roaming" or "Status" fields, contact your service provider. If these settings are all correct, and you are able to register your BlackBerry, continue troubleshooting. Remove the device battery for about five minutes to ensure a complete disconnect from the BlackBerry network. This causes a hard reset, forcing the network to register the device as a new device on the network.

    This is a common fix for coverage areas in which you normally have a connection and can send and receive email, but are now having trouble see the charts above to determine coverage areas. Open Desktop Manager and double-click Redirector Settings.